On July 16th 2020, Dr Jesse Duplantis received an impactful word of prophecy for the leadership of Grace Family Church and the church body.

In the midst of an international conference, God took time to speak to our church, here in Davenport, Iowa. We know God is moving and we ask you to pray and consider your part in fulfilling the call of God for GRACE. We can’t accomplish all God has for us alone. We need people just like you to help us fulfill all we are destined for.
Below is the video of the prophetic word Dr. Duplantis was given and also the transcript. Please prayerfully consider how God may be speaking to you in advancing His Kingdom, here in the Quad Cities.


Given to Jesse Duplantis, July 2020

You’ve done the right thing at the right time.

So many are watching you, but I’m watching you, Nathan. I’ve placed that in your heart.It makes no difference what they say. But, it makes every difference what I say. 

I’m going to bring such joy in your heart.

Some are even saying now it can’t happen. But, they will be override by the vision that I placed in your life. 

So, you’ll be of good cheer. You’re building something that everybody said he couldn’t do at that place. But, not only will you finish it, people will want to build just like you do.

You are one of those that I’m changing the ranks. Because, now you were able to handle what I want done. And, it will be done sayeth the Lord.